Research in Consumer, Household, and Health Economics investigates individual and household behavior in areas that include food, education, health, savings, financial planning, and retirement. Faculty and students have analyzed how consumers use information in food choice decisions, how childhood conditions affect outcomes in adulthood, how to use data science to reduce global poverty, how effective policies are in changing consumer behavior and improving consumer welfare, how outcomes differ for those in historically marginalized groups, and a range of issues related to decision making, education, fertility, sustainability, digital finance, fintech, and poverty. 


Financial Planning Program

The Financial Planning Program offers events, courses, and resources to Illinois students and beyond. Each fall, they host Financial Planning Career Day, bringing together dozens of financial service firms and hundreds of students from multiple financial planning programs, connecting them and creating opportunities for internships and careers with outstanding local, regional and national organizations. They also offer the Land & Everything Else podcast, e-texts, and courses open to the public.

Consumer Economics (University of Illinois Extension)

Programs on financial wellness, money management, and retirement planning.

Faculty working in this area: