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Campus Resources

  • DARS Audit
    Find out what requirements you have left to fulfill or run a "what if" audit to see what you would need to take if you switch concentrations or majors.
  • Student Forms and Petitions
    Forms and petitions to add, drop a course, concurrent enrollment, taking credit/no credit, or taking an overload.
  • Transfer Course Equivalencies
    See how a course at another institution will transfer to UIUC or see what community college course will be equivalent to a specific UI course.
  • University Courses and Programs
    Courses of Instruction, Class Schedule, Degree Programs Index.
  • Tuition and Financial Matters
    Tuition & fee rates, factors in assessing tuition and fees, refund schedule, etc.
  • University and Community Housing
    Learn about and apply for University housing. The Graduate College's guide to both University housing and off-campus living arrangements.
  • Student Code
    The Student Code applies to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


These tutors are current undergraduate students in the Department of ACE and have agreed to have their names included. They are not directly supervised by the Department of ACE. Contact the individual tutor regarding scheduling and fees.

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